A personal web development service specialising in Laravel and WordPress. Transforming your ideas into beautiful and fully interactive websites.

Laravel Development

I specialise in building bespoke web-based solutions. One of the tools I use is the Laravel framework. This helps me build solutions that are robust and scalable with the best practices of PHP development.

Using the Laravel framework helps compatibility when working with larger teams and allows developers to be brought up to speed quickly through the use of good documentation and the well-defined opinionated workflow.

I have worked with the framework since version 4 and have over ten years of experience. In which time I have helped build customer relationship management systems, large content management systems, and integrated with various APIs.

Trevor has supported me exclusively on development projects for over 14 years. I’d say there’s nothing he can’t handle.

Tim Webley, The Design Frontier

WordPress Development

If you need a conventional public-facing company-focused website, then WordPress provides a brilliant starting point. The open source content management system powers an incredibly large portion of the web and with its ease of use it is easy to see why.

Many clients request a WordPress solution due to their familiarity with a previous website. I provide a complete solution, including frontend development of custom themes and any bespoke functionality.

I have worked with WordPress for many years and built tens of custom websites for a wide variety of clients – both big and small. I can tailor the solution to budget and client demands.

I've worked with Trevor for many years on projects of all sizes & I have never been disappointed by the results.

David Gallimore, Combiine

Custom Development

Having started off as the sole developer in a small design agency, I needed to provide a complete solution across the full-stack of web technologies. There are two main areas of web development; server-side and client-side.


The heavy lifting of a website or web application is done in the background. A programming language such as PHP or Node usually talks to a database and sends the code to the browser.

For over a decade I have primarily worked with PHP and MySQL – both technologies that power WordPress – and can build solutions for complex websites with these tools.


What you see in your browser is powered by three web technologies; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using a combination of these three, I am able to transform your designs in to beautiful, interactive and accessibile web experiences.

When it came to hiring contractors in Staffordshire, contacting Trevor was a no brainier!

James Wade

A professional web developer that considers how to make content management easy for the end user.

Tina Meigh, Plinkfizz